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This might be the first thing that came across your mind when you first visited our hub.

Please allow me to introduce you to 12Invest, we are also known as One Two Invest (Want To Invest)!

Yes, we want you to invest!
But here comes the big question, why?

We believe that money is something that erodes in value as time passed, and sadly, most people never realize that.

If you compare the price of a cup of coffee you drink today against its price 10 years ago, the difference is night and days! MAGIC?

Introducing – Inflation! In plain human language, inflation means the price of items will increase over time, and your “money” will devalue.

To prevent that from happening, investing your money is (almost) the only solution it and here we are! We as one of the fastest growing investment education platforms in Malaysia would like to empower and equip you with proper investment knowledge so that you could protect (from the deadly inflation!) and grow your wealth!


Our Vision:

– To become the top equity investment education platform in Malaysia by creating over ten thousand financial freedom individuals!

Our Mission:

– To protect your hard-earned money (wealth) from eroding by inflation.
– Empower millennials to be self-conscious about investment via our educational platform.
– To help over ten thousand individuals to achieve financial freedom!


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