🚗 Do you like Mazda’s cars? If so, would you like to be a shareholder of it?

Did you know you can invest in Mazda’s company even in Malaysia? Bermaz Auto Berhad (5248) is actually doing the biggest distribution, retailing after sales services for Mazda vehicles.
🤔*Bermaz Auto Berhad holds 30% of Mazda Malaysia, meanwhile the remaining 70% stake are hold by Mazda Japan.

Let’s jump right in to the financials of the company.

5 Years Compounded Annual Growth Rate (2014 – 2018)
✅ Revenue – 6.54%
✅ Net Profit – 1.39%
✅ Net Profit Margin – Consistently stays around 10% (Normally the margin for new car dealers are much lower than this.)
✅ Free Cash Flow – 20.05%
✅ Dividend Yield – Consistently paying a 4%-5% yield to investment

All right, some of you might ask “Wah after 509 the company’s car sales and profit still so low ah?” It’s because the company year end is on April. On the first two quarter for FYE 2019, the company profit increased by :-
First quarter for 2019, ended 31 July – ⬆️ 148.8%
Second quarter for 2019, ended 31 October – ⬆️ 232.9%

🤩 P/S In this two quarter alone the company generated RM 229 million cash from operating activities!!

Now here comes the real question 👉 Can buy now ah this company?

Again, it’s completely up to you on WHAT company to invest in. If you love Mazda and would love a consistent flow of dividend, coupled with resilient earnings and cash generating ability, by all means yes.

However, if you are a 🚙 Proton X70 lover and wouldn’t give a damn to Mazda’s CX – 5 model, you can consider to support them DRBHCOM (1619) !

👀 Currently BAUTO trading at PER of 11.64, against most of it’s competitor’s negative PER
👀 Dividend Yield standing at 6.10%, however it’s because a special dividend payout on July. After deducting it out, the dividend yield is close to 4%.

*If you would like to get in-depth analysis for Bermaz Auto Berhad, kindly leave a message below stating “PM” for more info! 🖖

Disclaimer : This post is for informational and educational purposes only. Investors should make their own informed decision to buy / sell the stock. We do not promote any kind of buy call or sell call on this post. Please do your own due diligence before investing or trading.


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